Disseminating Violent Photos to Intimidate Protesters is Unscrupulous

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In the past few days I have seen a few unscrupulous individuals disseminating gruesome images of our violent civil war on social media in order to intimidate those who are taking to the streets to protest a recent government violation of our constitution. I urge those using such irresponsible fear-mongering to desist not only because the country cannot afford another war, but also in solemn respect for the memories of those who were killed, raped, tortured, and traumatized during those years of conflict.

The people have the right to protest their elected government without threats of violence against them. What we seek after a decade of war is a nation of laws in which all are governed by law. A protest by the people against the constitutional blunder of their leader should not be automatically viewed as an attempt to overthrow the government; it must instead be viewed as a call from the people to their elected government to uphold the very document that gave it the right to rule. We the people cannot allow the sort of autocratic leadership that eventually pushed our country into a decade of conflagration in which brothers and sisters hunted each other’s lives in vain.

I also urge the government and security forces to protect their people and their country. As service members who have taken the oath to defend and protect the country, you are not vigilantes or stooges of any politician. You, too, are servants and guardians of the republic. Even in our differences of opinion, we are bound by the love of our common patrimony, which is Sierra Leone.

Finally, I plead to the government to take constructive actions to remedy this situation. I am convinced that you did not do what you did with malicious intent; it was a natural error probably caused by a hasty reading of the law. It must have been difficult to go beyond the tempting letters of “supreme leader” and reach the less grandiose reasoning of a ‘humble servant' in a democracy. Here is a solution, Mr. President: please reinstate your vice president, fire him constitutionally (as you may as well have cause and parliamentary backing) or give him a gentlemanly urging to resign, if you no longer want to work with him, and we shall all return to fighting ebola. 

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