Guardians of Lion Mountains

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Guardians of Lion Mountains
©Joseph Kaifala

descendant of ancient tribes
whose stories 
of triumph and tribulation
are told on many shores,
among friends and foes,
thrive in the indefatigable spirit 
of the Kebali of Kasseh.

our bond strengthened
by Masarico’s valiant hands
that sorted us into clans
linked by ethnic arteries
affixed to our matrilineal heritage,
the Mali Empire where
our ancestry lives.

We rise and fall
in humble imitation of our forebears,
walking in the path
of men and women of valor
whose dignified gaits
embolden our steps.
When our souls are weary,
their legacy becomes our rebirth.

Offsprings of Romarong
walking with the radiance 
of Kru Masaba and his archangels.
Though we wander off the hallowed path,
we are quickly ushered back on our track
paved by those whose strength saw no fears:
Dawa, Nyagua, Kai Londo, Mendegla, Makavoray, 
Thomas Peters, Sengbe and his comrades.

The courage of Kpana Lewis
to question foreign impositions,
a rejection of those who take
and do not give in fair measure.
The wisdom of the Great Naimbana
and the compassion of Pa Demba
makes us custodians of a bold nation,
Guardians of Lion Mountains.

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