No Christmas for South Sudanese as the World Watches the Collapse of Another African State

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John Garang fought for many years for South Sudanese to have their own republic, but he died just before that dream came through two years ago, and the taste of independence has only just acquired savor before Africa’s newest republic joined the company of comrades in the power struggles that continue to keep Africa on the low ends of all major sociopolitical indices. As Christmas Eve celebrations ensure around the world, there are talks of mass murders and displacement in South Sudan. According to the UN News, “Mass extrajudicial killings, the targeting of individuals on the basis of their ethnicity and arbitrary detentions have been documented in recent days.” Some estimated 500 people have already been killed and another 81,000 displaced. This is all as a result of an alleged coup attempt by loyalists of former vice president Riek Machar against the Government of President Salva Kiir.

When South Sudan obtained independence from Sudan in July 2011, there was hope that the new state would be saved from the treacherous political struggles of many young African republics because it had sufficient errors to learn from and enough successes and international support to cherish, but now it seems the world would have to hold its head and watch the usual African TV scenario as thousands of South Sudanese weep and die at the hands of their own leaders in what is gradually becoming another sibling war. According to the UN, the war is increasingly becoming ethnically targeted killings pitting the Dinka and the Lou Nuer ethnic groups against one another.

At a time of the year when people around the world celebrate moments of joy with family and friends, the idiots of South Sudan have decided not even this new nation would be spared from the usual African baptism of blood, sorrow, and tears. For what would an African country be without mounting what Wole Soyinka refers to as the ‘rickety rungs of war-weary democratic ladder!’It seems there can be no liberty of choice even for those who for decades sacrificed their lives with hope to experience freedom and independence.

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