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Bosco Ntaganda, a DR Congolese warlord dubbed the "Terminator" because of his brutality and violent nature as head of the M23 rebel movement, has appeared at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for a preliminary hearing to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to place him on trial for atrocities committed in the DRC. Gen. Ntaganda, one of the ICC's most wanted criminals, surrendered about a year ago at the US Embassy in Rwanda. The Terminator is facing eighteen counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the DRC, especially in the North Kivu region. His charges include child soldiering, murder, rape, sexual enslavement and pillaging. He is expected to plead not guilty. 

While African leaders continue to accuse the ICC of bias based on the fact that no other nationalities have yet been brought to trial for crimes within the jurisdiction of the court, many African victims are glad to see individuals like Ntaganda answering for their crimes at a court of justice. If African leaders do not want Africans to be taken to the Hague for crimes within the jurisdiction of the Rome Statute, more should be done for justice at home.

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