Six Bullets That Have Given Me A Good Shot At Life So Far

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I recently spoke to a gathering of young people determined to lead and make the world a better place. Among other things, I offered them six bullets that have governed my young life so far. There is more to life, but it begins with understanding that each of us has a meaningful role to play in the process of straightening this rough garment that is the world we live in.

1. We are young and that is our advantage in making the world a better place

2. We cannot allow cynicism to rule the best of us before we get sullied in the school of experience

3. If humans cause many of the problems confronting the world, then as humans, we have primary responsibility to seek meaningful solutions

4. Individually, we can produce ripples that could yield a ferment of change

5. A leader must lead like a shepherd, caring for each sheep in the herd as though it were their only cattle

6. Be comfortable with your reasoned choices and render your services with humility and joy.

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