Woman of Africa

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Woman of Africa
Joseph Kaifala

African woman
Woman of the north
Woman of the south
Woman of the east and west
Woman of the Makona river
How beautiful you are

I look at you without blinking
Your black braided hair
A beauty I cannot resist
Like an alignment of the stars
Your smooth dark skin
Complements your fierce white eyes

I could stare at you forever
As you do your majestic walk
Feet and hips in rhythm
To the beat of your internal djembe
With the attitude of a goddess
You flirt with my unblinking eyes 

Woman of the fields
Woman of the rivers of Africa
I feel your strength within me
Yours was love at first sight
I inhaled your fragrance
And became man

Woman of Africa
Bearer of the black race
Beautiful is your name
That echoes across a dark continent
Blooming in the hearts of men
Who long to hold you

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