Legal Writing
This section contains links or copies of some of my writings and scholarship in the field of law, especially international law. Some of these materials might be published in third party publications and should be cited as such.  Materials that are solely published here should conform to the citation requirements of your specific field of work or study.

Why Africa Should not Withdraw from the International Criminal Court, NewJurist (Link)

How to Achieve World Peace According to Grotius and Adler, NewJurist (Link)

Transitional Justice in Sierra Leone: Oral History, Human Rights, and Post-Conflict Reconciliation, Oral History Journal (Link)

African Bones of Contention with the International Criminal Court, NewJurist (Link)

International Day of the African Child: A Tragic Tale for the Children of the Continent, NewJurist (Link)

African Union: Will We Ever See An Africa United To Fix Its Many Problems?, NewJurist (Link)

Katanga is Sentenced: But Does the ICC Offer Sufficient Deterrence for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity?, NewJurist (Link)

African Education: Beyond Progressive Realization, NewJurist (Link)

Kenya's Motion To Quit The ICC Is Legally Retrogressive, NewJurist (Link)

Exposing The Jury: Making Jury Duty Appealing Through Film, NewJurist (Link)

International Criminal Court: Why is the African Union Getting in the Way of Investigating Crimes, JenPro (Link)

The ICC Rejection of Libya's Admissibility Claim Undermines Complementarity, NewJurist (Link)

Uhuru Kenyatta: Kenya President Should Face Prosecutors of the ICC for Crimes, PolicyMic (Link)

The Security Council Should Not Intervene in the Kenyan Case, NewJurist (Link)

Charles Taylor Verdict: In Sierra Leone, 99 Days for Thief One Day for Master, PolicyMic (Link)

Libya-Not the International Court-Should Bring Former Leaders To Justice, PolicyMic (Link)

Congo Warlord Thomas Lubanga Conviction at the ICC is Worth the Hefty Price Tag, PolicyMic (Link)

The Problem With Sending African Leaders To The Hague, PolicyMic (Link)

Saif Al-Islam on Trial: The ICC Has No Business Usurping the Government of Libya, PolicyMic (Link)